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Learn Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching is easy if you know how! This course teaches you exactly how to get great results for you and your team!

Empower Your People

Employees who receive Coaching prove to be more engaged, better motivated and stay with their employer longer. You can be that coach! Fast!

Most Managers Don’t Know How To Coach People.

But They Can Learn!

– Harvard Business Review

Employees whose managers use a coaching approach prove to be more engaged, better motivated and stay with their employer longer. The Goal Boss 90 Minute Coaching Challenge™ can teach you the fundamentals of coaching in a very short time.

Listening, questioning, giving feedback, assisting with goal setting, showing empathy, recognizing and pointing out strengths, providing structure, and encouraging a solution-focused approach is just the beginning. You and the people you coach also get access to the Goal Boss Platform™, our proprietary coaching system.

More Than Half Of New Managers Fail

But You Don’t Have To!

– Inc. Magazine

The 90 Minute Coaching Challenge is not just a lecture. It’s not just a workshop. It’s not just an online course. It’s so much more than that!

The 90 Minute Coaching Challenge is a Movement! Developed and delivered by Goal Boss CEO and Founder Will Pemble, this one-of-a-kind opportunity allows you to use the tools, strategies, techniques and, the structure of Goal Boss to actively coach your employees and teammates. You won’t just read and watch videos about coaching in this course. You’ll become a coach.

Get Coaching Tools. Now!

Goal Boss is committed to your lasting success.

When you accept the 90 Minute Coaching Challenge, you get one helluva lot of training!

  • Six Video Training Modules that teach you everything you need to start coaching right away.
  • Learning Reinforcement Quizzes to test your knowledge and cement your learning!
  • Downloadable Coaching Worksheets so you can start coaching anywhere, anytime.
  • Free access to the Goal Boss Coaching Platform, which serves as your guide and keeps up with your coaching activity as you continue to develop your skills and coach your team.

There is Nothing Like Goal Boss Coaching for getting results, ensuring engagement, and becoming an effective leader!