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Win, Lose, or Tie, You Play Like A Champion!

• Discover the Four Stages of Team Development
• Learn effective Coaching Strategies and Behaviors
• Leverage the talents of your team for competitive advantage

Learn Effective Leadership

Hire A Goal Boss Coach And Learn

• 5 Keys to Leadership
• 4 Steps to Solve Any Problem
• 3 Big Career Killers
• 2 Ingredients for Successful Meetings, and
• 1 Question effective leaders always ask first!



Goal Boss is for hard-working, determined entrepreneurs who want to stop wasting time, start growing their business, and stay the course.

Every strategy and tactic in this book is supported by the Goal Boss community, Goal Boss Apps, Goal Boss Certified Coaching, workshops, webinars and online training. Goal Boss doesn’t just describe what success looks like. This book tells you – step by step – exactly how to get there.


Goal Boss is a coaching and consulting platform used by high-performing individuals and teams to accelerate business and personal growth.


You probably have Key Metrics in your organization today. Key Metrics are the things that matter most to your team and organization. More >


Before you do anything in business, stop and ask yourself a simple question … What’s the goal? More >


Remember the scene in the movie Apollo 13, where the flight director, played by Ed Harris, describes the problem of oxygen and power to his team? Do you remember what he did right after that? He stopped talking More >

Hearing my teams assessment of me was eye opening, to say the least. This workshop was awesome. Will is enthusiastic, extremely knowledgable and a great leader and teacher. Goal Boss was a game changer for us.

Tom M

VP Project Management

Our monthly Goal Boss Meeting day is the most productive day of the month. Keeps me focused and teaches me many valuable lessons every time.

Dominic L


Team Problem Solving in the workshop was a powerful combination. Goal Boss is an excellent tool to manage goals.

Dan M

VP Sales

Will was one of the most, if not the most engaging, dynamic teacher/presenter I have ever encountered. His enthusiasm created an atmosphere that allowed me to stay engaged the entire time.

Tim S

Chief Operating Officer

Loved the workshop. Will Pemble brought all the concepts together and showed us how we can apply them going forward.

John R


An amazing, transformative experience. I look forward to keeping in touch with my fellow participants in the upcoming mastermind sessions online.

Lewis F

Chief Operating Officer

I had a lot of fun with Will Pemble in the workshop. He and his team were well prepared and spoke to me and my needs. It was a privilege to have this experience.

Mark L

Vice President of Marketing

Will Pemble is an engaging and inspiring leader. I don’t feel I could have gotten any more out of anyone else. The Goal Boss System makes leadership simple and straightforward.

Andrew C

General Manager

The book and the online workshop was a great experience. Will Pemble is very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgable about the content and the training.

Amanda C

Field Service Manager

Will is a great writer and trainer. His book always encourages me to grow and helps the team to stay focused. His audio was fun and inspiring. The workshop showed me how to think like a leader.

Jennifer C

Principle Accountant

I appreciate the detail and time spent by Will Pemble to help in understanding leadership and management. The biggest impact was working through and finding objective ways to address my opportunities for improvement.

Brandon M


My Goal Boss Coach was inspiring, intelligent, caring and on-point. The workshop was a pivotal moment in my career. Thank you!

Linda P

Vice President

The Goal Boss workshop taught me accountability for myself and my team. I learned more in 3 days with Will than I ever thought possible. Life changing program!

Tanner S

Director of Training

Will’s style was a perfect match to my learning style. His assessment of my opportunities for improvement were game changing. Great workshop. Great instructor!

Missy W

Director of Sales

I have been in a management role for only one month, and haven’t had the easiest transition. I can honestly say I now have the tools and clarity to become a great leader at my company to develop the potential in my employees.

Amanda G

Recruiting Manager

I finally made the time in a brutal schedule to attend Will’s Leadership Workshop. Crikey! Should have done this years ago. This short workshop gives you and your company the tools to be much more effective. In fact, we’re implementing the monthly Goal Boss Meetings, and excited to have Will himself facilitate them!

Rick W


“Will did an excellent job in training us to understand the four stages of team development. His use of the film Miracle was just short of brilliant. He kept my attention during the entire program and in this day in age of technology, that is hard to do. I would recommend Will and his team for any leadership or management training that your company may have.

Thanks again Will!”

Jeremey W

State Licensing Examiner

“I have utilized Goal Boss and Will’s consulting services multiple times over the past 10 years and the results I have gotten have been positive. Exceptional, actually.Will is personable, approachable and one of the most interesting people to engage with in conversation. But most importantly, he is a consummate professional. Will is diligent, always looking for ways to improve, whether it be for his clients, himself or the community around him. For me personally, Will is one of the key factors in my personal and professional success.

Will has strong communication skills, whether it be in from of an auditorium of people, a small group of executives or one one one. He has been a tremendous asset to me personally and for my company. Will’s professional and somewhat non-traditional approach is refreshing amongst a sea of the usual “business consultants”. From a personal perspective, Will is one of the smartest and most intellectually stimulating people that I have had the opportunity to interact with.Without reservation, I would highly recommend Will Pemble’s services to any organization or individual that wants to be smarter in their approach to business.”

Carey P

Operations Principal

“Problem: Must find an effective way to deliver training on a very dry, boring subject at 6 AM
Solution: Will Pemble
Result: Happy, engaged employees who left with smiles on their faces and get it! Three weeks later, they are still talking about it.

Thanks Will, look forward to working with you again!”

Trish D

Director, Human Resources

“We first engaged Will and the Goal Boss team for an executive coaching workshop around designing our personal Disney Maps. This was a mind mapping workshop focused around each individual uncovering their special, unique quality that excelled them in their business, their personal Mickey Mouse. Will was fantastic along with his team and led a great workshop while exposing us to some of the Goal Boss consulting features.

Soon after, our Goal Boss Coach, Will Pemble, helped us build our leadership team and get them engaged in working together as a team to tackle complex problems. His leadership training and team facilitation was incredibly helpful to get everyone in lockstep to succeed. We’ve applied many of the Goal Boss principles for our teams. Will was fantastic. Great working with him..”

Josh F

Founding Partner, CFO

“Goal Boss transformed our leadership team. The combination of strategic planning, leadership training and executive coaching, all managed through the Goal Boss Platform, is unlike any I’ve used before. In a very short time, we saw increased employee engagement, measurably improved teamwork and collaboration, and a 10X+ return on investment. Our Goal Boss Certified Coach inspired us to dig deep, work together, solve problems and drive results. We would not have grown this fast without Goal Boss.”

Michael M


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