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Good question...

Below are a few questions an interviewer might ask to kick off an engaging, succinct conversation about Goal Boss with Will Pemble.

  • What did building a Roller Coaster in your backyard teach you about success?

  • What drove you to create Goal Boss Mastermind?

  • What are the 5 parameters your AI uses to assess a business’ effectiveness?

  • What is a guy like you doing building backyard roller coasters? How does that figure into your business?

  • What did you learn from building your own Sprinter Van Motorhome, and how does that relate to artificial intelligence and leadership?

  • Why are the same practices that got you to 9.9M keeping you from getting to 10M?

  • What is a 90 day onboarding plan?

  • Why do unnecessary meetings cost US businesses $37 billion every year?

  • ​Where did you first start implementing Goal Boss in your life?

  • ​When do managers and leaders find time for their own work when they spend half of their time in meetings?

  • How does Goal Boss help entrepreneurs and leaders cut meeting times in half?

  • What are the Big 3 Career Killers?

  • ​Who can benefit from working with a Goal Boss Coach?

  • When do Goal Boss Clients start to see results?

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Internet pioneer Will Pemble built and sold, one of the largest web hosts on earth. As a Top 100 Domain Name Millionaire and serial entrepreneur, Will has been building and growing businesses of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years. In addition to, Will built and sold a national technical training company, and one of the first Internet Service Providers in San Francisco. Through his executive and personal consulting and coaching, Will brings his passion for giving back to millions of people in person and online. 


Will's success extends well beyond the business world. Known worldwide as “CoasterDad,” Will and his kids have built several backyard roller coasters which have been featured on Good Morning America, Discovery Channel, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, and dozens of television shows worldwide.

Will has been featured in hundreds of online media outlets, including,, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Make Magazine, Edutopia, to name a few.

When people look at Will’s life, they frequently comment on how they wish they could live like him. The methods and tools he’s developed to achieve success and the techniques he continues to use to expand his life are all described, taught, and delivered in the many business, leadership, and peak performance workshops, seminars, and events Will delivers.

Will's dynamic style, his broad experience, and his insane enthusiasm for business, family and life itself bring out the very best in the leaders and teams he coaches. As a facilitator and keynote speaker, Will's feedback scores consistently rank in the 94th percentile, setting him apart from industry colleagues and peers alike.

Will coaches his clients on employee recruiting, onboarding, and retention, as well as peak performance, personal improvement, breakthrough leadership, team dynamics, scaling up, web strategy, branding, marketing, and business operations.

An avid learner, Will has earned certifications as a Stockbroker, Flight Instructor, Certified Product Manager, Technical Trainer, Commercial Pilot, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, and forklift operator, to name a few. He lives in Connecticut and California, where his hobbies include hiking, cycling, rowing, backyard roller coaster engineering, and recreational vehicle manufacturing.

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The Art & Science of Getting Stuff Done

At the heart of Will Pemble's mission is his book,

Goal Boss : The Art and Science of Getting Stuff Done.

The book is A practical guide to help business people stop wasting time, start making money, and stay the course. 

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