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"A leadership cheerleader who makes sense.

I felt like a friend was talking to me as I read Pemble’s book. The methods for improving leadership style to produce success are presented in a positive clearly defined way.

I’ve never seen different aspects of team organization so well described with specific instructions to initiate and maintain good business practice. This book is an absolute must."

- NIcholas Laschkewitsch

Finally! A practical, how-to guide for successful business leadership.

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Goal Boss is for hard-working, determined entrepreneurs who want to stop wasting time, start growing their business, and stay the course. Every strategy and tactic in this book is supported by the Goal Boss community, Goal Boss Apps, Goal Boss Certified Coaching, workshops, webinars and online training. Goal Boss doesn’t just describe what success looks like.


This book tells you - step by step - exactly how to get there.


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  1. It's my way to pay it forward. So many people have worked so hard to made my life come true. I will never take that for granted and I want to do everything in my power to share it with you.

  2.  Unlike most professional speakers and "guru's," selling books is not my primary source of income. My life's work is executive coaching, consulting, and the Goal Boss Platform. So, it doesn't hurt me to share my best work with you.

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  4.  I'm incredibly proud of this book! Goal Boss clients get amazing returns on their coaching investments. We have the data to prove that when we facilitate a half day Goal Boss Meeting for a client, they derive at least $25,780 in immediate ROI. In other words, when a Goal Boss Certified Coach visits a client for a morning meeting, that client is $25k ahead of the game by lunchtime. Every tool, strategy and technique we teach our clients is in this book.

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Author and Internet pioneer Will Pemble built and sold, one of the largest web hosts on earth. A serial entrepreneur, Will has been building and growing businesses of all shapes and sizes for more than 25 years. In addition to, Will built and sold a national technical certification company, and one of the first Internet Service Providers in San Francisco.


Will's dynamic style, broad experience, and genuine enthusiasm for business and leadership bring out the very best in the leaders and teams he serves. As a facilitator and keynote speaker, Will's feedback scores consistently rank in the 94th percentile, setting him apart from industry colleagues and peers alike.


Will coaches his clients on leadership, team dynamics, strategic planning, scaling up, web strategy, product management, marketing, software development, and business operations.

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"After reading Goal Boss, I'm not going to waste time in meetings anymore. Not my time and not the time of my staff or peers. The coaching and leadership strategies that Will Pemble shares in this book are going to help me keep that promise.


Goal Boss focuses on practical leadership advice, giving me tools and strategies I can use to get better results now as opposed to endless theories about general "Getting Things Done" concepts. I bought the book because I already believe in GTD, so I appreciate the fact that Mr. Pemble gets right to the meat of things. This should be required reading for any team that aspires to be high-functioning, goal-driven, and successful."

- Vivek Chawla

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