Meet Nico De Bruyn

Nico is an author, digital marketer, growth hacker, speaker, entrepreneur, and immigrant.
Today he uses his in-depth understanding of technology, social media, and branding to help business successfully navigate marketing in the current digital wild west.
But all in all, he is on a mission to leave every person a little bit better than he found them.


  • I just graduated from Arizona State University!
  • I co-founded PakPak, my first company!
  • Coming to the realization that I can classify myself as a “Digital Marketer.”
  • I make it a point to meet at least 1 to 3 new people every day


  • Am I impacting the as many people as I can?
  • Does my content add value?
  • PakPak – It’s 3 of us against the world!
  • Maintaining relationships with existing customers.


  • Sasha Roe – My mentor, who invested time in me and gave me permission to call myself a Digital Marketer.
  • My Parents – They trust and support me in my work and in trying things they don’t always understand.

Key Metrics

  • Happiness! Is the activity I’m going now making me happy?
  • Engagement – Are we building relationships with customers?


  • Complete the manuscript of my book by February 14, 2019.
  • Complete 6 Collaborations with my #LinkedInFam and publish on my YouTube Channel by February 14, 2019

Key Takeaways

  • The convesaiotn with Will Pemble doesn’t stop here!
  • Say “Yes” more!

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