Meet Erika Gutierrez

Erika Gutierrez is a positive thinker, motivator and applied mathematician graduating from Florida State University. She recently launched the blog The Positive Focus Blog and was selected by the Linkedin Video team to be a student representative on campus. Like hundreds of thousands of people on LinkedIn, I discovered Erika’s wonderfully inspiring and practical videos and content when I needed it the most. That story and more is in this episode just for you!


  • Launched her LinkedIn Video Series and got over 200k views in the first 30 days.
  • Got hired by Knack Technologies as a writer.
  • Continued success in school after adding LinkedIn Video and Knack tutoring.
  • Beginning course creation projects with Explorium in the UK.
  • Chosen to be a Student Representative for LinkedIn at Florida State University.


  • Statistics Class
  • Getting through graduation
  • Balancing new projects with school responsibilities & commitments

Number One Mistake Leaders Make

  • Trying to demand and control rather than inspire. Demanding and controlling employees can lead to internal work issues, but inspiring them will lead to growth and business development.


  • Finish final exams
  • Completely redo blog
  • Launch a new YouTube Channel before December 1, 2018

Key Takeaway

  • Having a certain number of views on a video or post won’t exactly measure success. What will measure success is your ability to do something with those views and monetize those views.

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