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Corporate Rowing and Leadership Workshop - Goal Boss

Corporate Rowing and Leadership Workshop

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Rowing is one of the oldest and most established sports in the United States. Renowned as one of the most challenging undertakings at every level, rowing demands the very best of everyone in the boat. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, the time-honored sport of rowing is the embodiment of teamwork, leadership, and achievement. Rowers. Pull. Together.

The Goal Boss Leadership System combines time-honored, battle-tested management and leadership practices with the cutting edge organizational psychology and technologies to transform managers into leaders, and groups into high performing teams. Goal Boss. Drives. Results.

The Oakland Strokes Corporate Rowing & Leadership Workshop is a unique experiential leadership program built atop the best practices and learnings of Rowing, Teamwork, Management, and Leadership. We are professional rowers, coaches and Olympic gold medalists who teach rowing and develop world-class athletes. We are experienced business leaders and trainers who teach management and leadership. This program will inspire your thinking and elevate your game.

Oakland Strokes Rowing Starts Fast

and gets faster!

We start on Day One with introductions to your teammates, staff, and coaches. Take a minute to let your first impressions sink in. Because in just a few short days, you will build lasting friendships with total strangers, and you will learn things about your colleagues and yourself that may surprise you.

You will learn water safety and boating basics, and be introduced to one of the most demanding, exacting, frustrating and thrilling contraptions ever built… the erg!

After your first Fit Test, the coaching staff will bring you and your boat up to speed fast. In no time at all, you will know first hand what pulling together truly means.

This program is much more than a world-class rowing experience, though. You’ll also work hard with Goal Boss Certified Coaches as you learn to master The Five Keys to Leadership. You’ll learn about your DISC Personality Assessment, and you will be setting goals for the week, month, and year ahead.

After breakfast and Erg training, we’ll start right learning Goal Boss Leadership System.

You’ll learn the art and science of communication, delegation, and time management as you gain mastery of tools you can put to use on your first day back at the office.

You and your team will learn – and live – the four stages of team development as you prepare for the Goal Boss Regatta. You have got a lot of ground to cover to achieve the physical and mental training you and your boat will need to compete. Lunch will be well deserved, the conversation lively, and like all Goal Boss Workshops, you will be drinking through a firehose when it comes to your management and leadership training.

The Goal Boss Regatta

Now, we pull together!

The Regatta is where it all comes together. You’ve never pulled harder for your team than you’re about to, as you line up for for the 1k and 2k heats of the this incredible event. Does your boat have what it takes?

After the Regatta, you will take part in a time-honored California rowing tradition, the Taco Truck. After lunch, we’ll shoot team photos and head back to the boathouse to review your training and make sure you are set with the tools you need implement what you’ve learned.

During this workshop, you will set two short term business goals and two long term business goals. Goal Boss is designed to ensure that your goals are built to drive measurable and meaningful results. Within forty five days of attending the workshop, our goal is for your business to realize positive return on investment. That is how we measure success.

​At the end of the day, you will take a robust toolkit of management and leadership techniques and learnings back to work, and you will have access to the support, materials and people you need to drive measurable, profitable results in your business

Goal Boss next™ is a specialized follow up webinar for you and your workshop team. You will meet online with your Goal Boss Certified Coach to review the goals you set in the workshop, check in on your progress, and conduct Team Problem Solving sessions to keep yourself and your team moving forward.

How It Works

The Oakland Strokes Corporate Rowing Workshop is built on best practices of rowing and management training. Success in either discipline is a process, not an event. The Goal Boss approach has four steps designed to ensure your success before, during, and especially after your workshop.

First, upon registration, you will receive a link to a brief online survey, which will help your workshop facilitation team learn about your job, your goals, and your individual communication style.

Next, with your permission, we will schedule a call with your supervisor, manager, or partner to get another view of your world, your business, and your goals.​ As with all the information we collect, this interview is kept strictly confidential.

Third, using the survey information and feedback from you and your boss or partner, we tailor your workshop experience to focus on the areas of leadership that are most important for you. Throughout the workshop, we will work to fine-tune​ your leadership effectiveness and create simple, written goals for you and your organization.

Finally, we follow up. Within 45 days of your workshop, you will attend a video conference ​with your workshop teammates to report on your progress and provide support and feedback to the rest of your “boat.” Oakland Strokes and Goal Boss are about sustainable, long-term progress, and accountability to yourself and your team.

This Corporate Rowing and Leadership Workshop is an experiential rowing, management and leadership training program. Our management and leadership workshop is based on the Goal Boss Leadership System, and delivered by certified Goal Boss Certified Coaches. Our rowing instruction is designed and delivered by Certified Rowing Coaches in accordance with USOC rowing rules and standards. Our physical fitness training is delivered by Certified Personal Trainers in accordance with AFFA guidelines.

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Course Materials

All course materials and assessments are provided. This is a 3-day workshop held at the Tidewater Boating Center in Oakland, California. Workshop hours are from 8am to 3pm on all three days. Because we customize the workshop experience for every participant, space is limited. Register now.