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Become A Goal Boss Certified Coach

Only Experts Need Apply

To meet the continued and growing demand for Goal Boss services, we have created a professional coaching certification program backed up by the tools, experience, and research you absolutely need to run your successful, value-driven coaching and consulting business.

If you have a solid track record of success in business, and you want to help businesses with leadership, management, and strategy, Goal Boss Certified Coaching might be just the thing for you.

Goal Boss Certified Coaches are trained in the delivery of the Goal Boss Leadership System and supported by the Goal Boss Platform. We work closely with our coaches to insure a successful launch of the platform. As a Goal Boss Certified Coach, you will be able to track your client’s progress, coach for success, and earn both active and passive income.

Not Everyone Can Do This

To become a Goal Boss Certified Coach, you must:

Attend the Goal Boss Certified Coach Introductory Webinar
Agree to the Goal Boss Certified Coach (“GBCC”) Terms and Conditions
Complete the Goal Boss Leadership Workshop
Complete the Goal Boss Certified Coaching Workshop

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

5+ years of ownership or senior management business experience
Bachelor’s Degree (MBA Preferred)
Active digital community on email or social media channels
References from current and past employers, clients and partners.

If Your Application Is Accepted…

Pay your GBCC application fee.
Agree to the Goal Boss Certified Coach Terms and Conditions
Complete the Goal Boss Leadership Workshop (live or online)
Complete the Goal Boss Certified Coaching Workshop (live only in San Francisco)
Onboard your first Goal Boss Client, supervised by a Goal Boss Master Coach


To Maintain Your Goal Boss Certified Coach Status

Actively promote Goal Boss to existing and potential clients consistent with your professional and ethical obligations
Maintain your client records and meeting minutes through the Goal Boss Platform
Refer at least one client to purchase the Goal Boss software service within the first 90 days of acceptance into the program
Promote Goal Boss on your website and social media (if you have one) by maintaining an active hyperlink to, in accordance with Goal Boss Terms of Service.
Follow Goal Boss Brand Guidelines.
Complete and pass all new/updated training courses.
Participate in monthly GBCC Mastermind calls to discuss and debrief your coaching sessions and Goal Boss Meeting facilitation.

Our Commitment To You

Our goal is for you to find success as a Goal Boss Certified Coach. To support you, we will provide…

One-on-one coaching sessions with Goal Boss CEO Will Pemble or another Goal Boss Master Coach.
Monthly sales and marketing webinars to help you attract high-quality leads.
Initial and ongoing digital marketing support, including a comprehensive LinkedIn profile update.
Recurring income from all sales you generate so long as you adhere to the terms and conditions.
Software Feature development to make it easier for you to engage your clients and support them in-app.
Monthly financial reporting and payout, in accordance with your Goal Boss Certified Coaching agreement.