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Key Metrics

Key Metrics

Measure What Matters Most with Key Metrics

You probably have Key Metrics in your organization today. Key Metrics are the things that matter most to your team and organization. They are the metrics which define the twenty percent of your efforts that are generating eighty percent of your results. Key Metrics are the precious few.

Goal Boss allows you to focus on the things that matter most by identifying and assigning ownership to the Key Metrics in your business, and then shining a bright light on them.

Key Metrics are measurable performance indicators that enable the team (or individual) to be able to easily gauge if they are attaining their goals, or not. A good Key Metric will act as a guiding beacon for your team to understand if they are accomplishing their goals – or not.

Effective Key Metrics will be:

  • Well defined and quantified by using a set of objective functionality
  • Well communicated to individuals and teams throughout the business
  • Crucial to achieving goals for the company, business, and/or individual
  • Applicable to your business tactically and strategically

Additionally, the data that quantifies the Key Metric should be easily accessible. The downfall of many business goals is to create Key Metrics with data that is hard to find and difficult to assemble, as the Key Metrics become reactive instead of being proactive.

Follow these simple guidelines to leverage your Key Metrics for maximum results today.

  1. Key Metrics fall into one of four categories
    1. Profit & Loss
    2. Productivity
    3. Customer Service / Quality
    4. Cash Flow
  2. Quickly find your team’s Key Metrics by making two simple lists
    1. Successes over the last 30 days
    2. Concerns about the next 30 days
  3. Assign Ownership – Every Key Metric should have one owner. That’s what accountability looks like.
  4. Let Targets and Measure Results
    1. Dollars
    2. Number
    3. Percentage
    4. More is better
    5. Less is better
  5. Use the Goal Boss Software to drive Key Metrics Thinking to every level of the organization.

To learn more about how Goal Boss can accelerate your business, book a personalized demonstration with a Goal Boss Certified Coach today.